Care to Help was founded by Yen Ngo and Scott Mantz after traveling through Vietnam in November 2001. Scott and Yen both live in Seattle, Washington. Yen is a college administrator, Scott is a garden designer and general contractor.

On their trip to the Vietnamese highlands in 2001, Yen and Scott were struck by the very poor health of the minority tribe people in a village that they visited. It appeared that many of the villagers health problems could be attributed to the lack of a healthy water supply, this seemed to be a relatively inexpensive problem to solve. Yen and Scott felt compelled to see what they could do to provide clean water for the village.

Yen and Scott were very fortunate to meet Mr. Nguyen Viet Hung in November 2001. His passion for helping the minority people was inspirational and infectious. After exploring the situation in which the minority tribe people live, Scott, Yen, and Mr. Hung decided to work as a team to help improve the villagers' condition.

After Care to Help identifies a village in which to build, Mr. Hung then secures all government approvals, and oversees the construction of the projects.

Care to Help has been very successful at building simple, efficient, and inexpensive water systems in rural minority villages for only $5 to $7 per villager.