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Projects Completed in 2006

Project 19: Pho Te Village

In Mid-February 2006, CTH completed a new safe water well project at Pho Te Village. Pho Te has a close relationship with Buu Thang, where we recently completed the orphanage dormitory project.

This project was sponsored by Trang and Matthew Buck of Cincinnati, Ohio; Hoang Manh of Westchester, New York; and Lien Nguyen of San Diego, CA.




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Project 20: Loc Tho

On April 20, 2006 Care to Help completed our second Friendship School at the village of Loc Tho. Loc Tho is just inland from the coastal city of Nha Trang. This project was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Greg James, and Topics Entertainment, of Seattle, Washington.



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Project 21: Long Cat - September 2006

Long Cat village had one very small school room. The day that we completed the new school building and classes began, over 100 students showed up for the first day of school! Many more than the teachers expected. This building has a capacity of about 35 students, so they are holding three school sessions per day. If the demand for schooling stays high, we may return and expand this building, or add a second structure.



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Project 22: Nam Hiep - September 2006

We built two wells, previously, on school grounds in and around the village of Nam Hiep. Since they do a wonderful job of maintaining the projects we have built for them, it was easy to say yes when they asked us to help them again at a new school they were building. We visited Nam Hiep in November of '05 with a group of our friends and supporters, when the pricipal of the school asked us for our help again, our good friends Tom Bartholomew and Sarah Mack stepped up and said they would be happy to sponsor the project. And here it is!

With this project, and the well we built at Pho Te village, we are using a new design, hoping to reduce maintenance needs. We are using a raised stainless steel holding tank instead of a the masonry holding tanks we had been building.



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Project 23: Kim Son - December 2006

In December 2006, CTH completed a new school building for the kids at Kim Son Pagoda, south of Nha Trang. Kim Son has a long history of serving the local poor children well by providing schooling. Their old school building was insufficient to allow them to handle the number of kids wishing to attend school. Over 100 children now attend this school.



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