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Projects Completed in 2010

Project 33: Ka La To Kreng Village - June 2010

Almost exactly 5 years after Care to Help built the original well project at Ka La To Kreng village, we returned to add a water tower, and upgraded holding tank. During the upgrade, the villagers dug trenches from the well to nearest huts, which allowed them to have running water for the first time.



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Project 32: Nha Trang Health Fair #1 - May 2010

Over the weekend of May 8 & 9, Care to Help held another Health Fair. This is the first one to be held in Nha Trang, at the Loc Tho Pagoda Orphanage, and school. We held the fair on Saturday at the Loc Tho Pagoda, then on Sunday, we held a second fair at a smaller rural village close to Loc Tho.

Over the weekend, over 1000 people were able to visit with health care professional, and receive medicines for free. We also distributed food supplies to the attendees.



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Project 31: Kado Village - Nghia Hiep Safe Water Well - March 2010

On March 15, Care to Help completed construction of the new safe water well at the Nghia Hiep Elementary School in Kado Village. It is fully operational, and is providing excellent water to the students and staff at the school. This well is 75 meters deep.



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Project 30: Bao Tuan Water Tower & Holding Tank - February 2010

Care to Help originally built a well project at Bao Tuan village in April 2005. Their well has been in constant operation, and under good village management, since that time. Last month, we replaced the masonry holding tank with a small water tower, and stainless steel holding tank. We also helped the villagers pipe water to nearby homes, this is first time these people have ever had running water at their homes.

The villagers share the responsibility for the electricity to operate their well, it runs about 60 cents per month, per household. They are also very generous with their resource, the public spigots are available for anyone to come take water, whether they live in the village, or not. The villagers say the water is clear, and cold, they couldn't wish for any better.


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