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Accomplishments: 2012 - 2013

Care to Help: 2012 - 2013

Care to Help remained active and involved in Vietnam throughout 2013.

We built no new projects, instead, we concentrated on maintenance and upgrades to our existing safe water wells, while continuing to support the schools at Loc Tho and Long Cat by paying for the teachers' salaries, as well as the hot meal programs.

In 2014, we plan to build a second well at Ka La To Kreng village, this new well will get safe water to another 40-50 families. We also plan to upgrade two or three of our other existing wells by building taller water towers, that hold larger water tanks.

At the Loc Tho and Long Cat Schools, we will continue to fund the teachers' salaries, and support the hot meal program. If you aren't familiar with our hot meal program, the schools hold sessions in the evening for students that spend the day working in the fields with their families. The schools provide a hot meal for them, they then have 2-3 hours of schooling afterwards.

During the regular school day, when most kids are working with their families, the classrooms operate as preschool and kindergarten classes.

Please see below for some photos and brief descriptions of the projects and work, our beloved local partners, great memories, and life-long friends made along the way .....

The welcoming committee at Ka Do Elementary School.

Checking up on the Ka Do School well, still operating perfectly.

Ta Ly Village well, greeted by the village elder who told us again how good the water is, and how much they appreciate the well. They keep it in very good repair.

Hung, Yen, and Suon, who is fantastic at keeping our projects in top working order, not only in Ta Ly, but at several other locations, also. Notice the external pump that send water to other areas of the village.

Group photo, Ta Ly Village.

Beautiful village girls at Ta Ly.

Giggly girls at their home across the street from the well.

Also in Ta Ly Village, this well is at the preschool. This water is also pumped into their kitchen facilities and bathrooms.

Ta Ly preschool kids ... oh my are they ever a cute bunch.

At Ka La To Kreng Village, the villagers have extended the water system to reach approx. 50 families, and their village school. Here, a villager bathes next to his house.

Typical house you'll find in the tribal villages, this is Ka La To Kreng.

Inside a village home.

Nap time at the Ka La To Kreng school.

K'Da, our well manager at Ka La To Kreng.He does a fantastic job of managing the well for the village. We hope to add another well here, to reach another 40 to 50 families.

At Lang Cu Village, the government has built a large new tower to send water to many families in the area. There is also a medical clinic next to this well, the staff doctor showed us test results that told of how incredibly pure the water is that we get from the aquifer below.

At Long Cat Village, local doctors are continuing to hold free medical check ups for the village. Care to Help started sponsoring these visits a few years ago, and now the locals medical professionals are continuing them without us helping to organize them! We are so happy to see this!

The cooks at Long Cat School preparing dinner for the students.

Student helper in the kitchen.

Preparing the meal ...

Hung, and the head Buddhist nun, at the Long Cat School. They are building a bulkhead to protect the pagoda's land from the river. The stone and labor is being donated by the village.

Rock delivery. Surplus stone from local building projects that is donated to the pagoda used to build the bulkhead.

Long Cat School cutie.

Care to Help project manager, Hung Nguyen and his wife Nhon, speaking with Yen and the head of the school.

A classroom at Long Cat.

Today's assignment ...

(We are so impressed with the teachers, and students, at Long Cat. They are getting a very good education)

Long Cat School beauty.

Preschool class at Loc Tho School.

Head Buddhist nun and school master at Loc Tho School.

These students at Loc Tho are orphans, they live at the school/pagoda full time. They do a fantastic job of raising them.

Hot meal program at Long Cat School. Here we see the meals being readied for the students before classes in the evening.

Long Cat School soccer team ... Province Champions!

Dinner is served!

The students enjoying their meals before heading to class, at Long Cat School.

After dinner, it's off to class. Care to Help has built 4 classroom buildings here at the Long Cat School.

Class time.

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